The Connective

We develop systemic decision-making tools for an economy that serves thriving eco-systems and a resilient, just and inclusive society

We work with organisations that invest money and other assets for more than financial return

Through understanding of systemic risks and interdependencies, we co-develop tools and pilot solutions that enable better decision making – to maximise environmental, social, cultural and economic returns

We are part of a global network of like-minded organisations. We collaborate on solutions to move us from siloed approaches that create harm in some areas and value in others, toward investments that have systemic benefit.

In Aotearoa New Zealand, this is increasingly focused on the blending of systems and sustainability practices with indigenous wisdom.

Our services

Whether you are looking to change systems, or simply to understand them better so your resources are deployed more effectively, we can help

Systems insight-driven strategy and programme design

Improve your awareness of the systems you are operating in or looking to influence by accessing research and evidence based methodologies and modelling. Set your objectives, strategies and plans in a way that can focus your efforts on areas of higher impact while reducing risk and unintended consequences.

Impact management and learning

Develop and implement the practices, processes and culture that drive strategic insight, support appreciation of how you are tracking against your objectives and highlight when a change is required

Impact investment and decision making

Better understand where to invest and how to invest to meet your objectives. Identify, develop and assess high impact ventures and projects, create structures and approaches that can accelerate systems change and connect with values aligned investors.

Recent work

We collaborate closely with investors, funders, local and indigenous communities to design systemic investment programmes and projects

Te Pai Roa Tika O Te Taitokerau

A collectively Iwi owned and led, self-sustained platform to deliver long term, large scale impact investment for Te Taitokerau Maori.  Iwi are bringing forward high impact projects with access to the funding to invest in them.

South Pacific Investment Partnership

A regional programme to increase the flow of investment for climate resilience and local economic empowerment. We are developing a systemic framework to help align investors, funders and communities.

Guides to Tikanga-Led Impact Investment

One of our founding beliefs is that the Aotearoa New Zealand impact sector could become a global exemplar – by applying the systems thinking that comes from indigenous intelligence. We created these guides, with support from NZTE, to spark the conversation. Read the guides here.

About us

We are an impact first company led by individuals with global experience in systems innovation, better business, sustainable development, cities & communities.

Ian Short

Ian is the former CEO of Climate-KIC, the world’s largest climate change innovation partnership, and of the Institute for Sustainability. After starting his career in finance with the New Zealand Treasury and ten years at a global investment bank, he was introduced to the value of a systems mindset when leading the establishment of an urban development corporation responsible for the regeneration of east London. Ian is a founding director of the Systemic Impact Foundation, deputy chair of Auckland Foundation and a trustee of Royal Society of Arts, Manufacture and Commerce – Oceania. He is a fellow of the chartered accountants Australia and NZ.

Temuera Hall (Tahito)

Temuera is of Ngati Tūwharetoa and Te Arawa descent and is the founder of TAHITO. Temuera has been involved in asset management and investment advice since 1994 primarily working with Māori asset owning entities. Tem has developed a wealth of experience and knowledge in building businesses, private equity, finance, funds management,
instilling values and culture, and driving strategy and relationships. Tem has either led or played a
key role in numerous investment collaborations and partnerships. Temuera is a member of the TAHITO Investment Committee, attends the JMI Wealth Investment committee meetings and JMI Wealth adviser forums.

Maryanne Teariki

Mary Anne is a researcher specialising development studies, including climate change, resilience, migration and settlement. Her career started at the Third World Foundation in London. She has held senior positions in the public service, including as Crown Chief Negotiator for the settlement of the Ngai Tahu claim. Most recently Mary Anne was a post-doctoral Research Fellow at the University of Otago.

Dave Henley

Dave has a drive and research focus for Systems thinking and Sustainability Transitions.  With a background in Physics, Geography & Energy Studies, Dave has worked with NGO’s, projects and think tanks with a vision for our transition to a regenerative, thriving, low-carbon 21st century society.  He has been a champion of bringing new systemic and transition thinking to New Zealand including initiating visits from thought leaders from the EU to engage with government, civil society and business.

Rangimarie Price

Rangimarie is the former CEO of Te Pai Roa Tika o Te Taitokerau, Aotearoa New Zealand’s first Iwi owned, tikanga led systemic impact investment platform.   Formerly CEO of the Amokura Iwi Consortium, she lead the development and implementation of He Tangata He Whenua He Oranga, the first tikanga based regional economic growth strategy for the Taitokerau Maori economy.  Rangimarie sits on the Aotearoa Impact Investment National Advisory Board and is a global alumnus of Women Leaders in Economic Development (GWIM) headquartered in Washington DC.  Rangimarie has focused her career on enabling, and delivering, strategic leadership, strong governance and operational capability for Māori economic, social and cultural development. 

Jo Kelly

Jo has worked at the forefront of sustainable business since 2011 when she helped establish The B Team, a group of global leaders collaborating to change the role of business in society. She spent nearly two decades in Melbourne and New York, where she delivered cross continent sustainability initiatives, business-led advocacy for an ambitious Paris Agreement and collaborations with some of the world’s best known businesses. In 2016 Jo joined Deloitte New Zealand’s sustainability team and led the firm’s engagement with the Aotearoa sustainable finance community.  Jo and her two kids, Sam and Jimmy are of Ngati Tuwharetoa descent. 

Justin Connolly

Justin works with organisations seeking to gain a systemic understanding to problems they are facing. He has a strong background in natural resource management,  climate change, urban issues and infrastructure. He brings a strong focus on participatory approaches to understanding complexity and has extensive experience working with  local, regional and central government.

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